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KOHAKU’s passion is to share the rich Japanese cultural and spiritual heritage through an artistic outreach that may bring the world a deeper appreciation for the beauty of their home country and evoke joy and happiness in all of us. Their creative offerings are very unique and cannot be done without special costumes, instruments and trainings from Japan.  They travel back to Japan once or twice a year to get trainings from amazing teachers who are the keeper of the fading traditions.  KOHAKU is wanting to connect with donor/supporters who feel passionately inspired and culturally enriched by the sacred beauty of their work.  Specifically, they would like funding for Taiko drums to replace the ones they are currently have been borrowing but must now be returned.  Other needs include support for airfares, costumes and trainings.  There is a donation box at the entrance hall.  We accept cash, check (made out to Temple KUKURI) or credit card. Your donations are tax deductible.  We also have detailed information and croudfunding website link on the back of our flyer. Please take them before you leave if you are interested in our future concerts and being a supporter of KOHAKU.

Thank you so much for your support. 


Please donate us from Temple Kukuri's site.

*** Please write "KOHAKU Donation" on check, email and paypal ***


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